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Nhạc: Mai Ðức Vinh
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Phổ Thơ Vương Ngọc Long
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Thơ Vương Ngọc Long
Nhạc: MaiĐứcVinh, HuỳnhCôngTrứ, LêMạnhTrùy, MinhThao, PhạmAnhDũng, NguyễnTuấn.
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Nhạc Mai Đức Vinh
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nhạc Mai Đức Vinh
thơ phóng tác: Vương Ngọc Long

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If I could catch a rainbow, I would do it, just for you,
And, share with you, its beauty, on the days you're feeling blue.

If I could, I would build a mountain, you could call your very own.
A place to find serenity, a place just to be alone.

If I could, I would take your troubles, and toss them into the sea.
But, all these things, I'm finding, are impossible for me.

I cannot build a mountain, or catch a rainbow fair;
but, let me be, what I know best,
A Friend, who's always there.

I promise to defend you, should the occasion ever rise,
And, I promise to wipe away the tears,
which might stream from your weeping eyes.

Let me be the trusted Friend, the one that you know best.
I will never leave you, on that, you can surely rest.

© Sandra Lewis Pringle


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Nhạc: MaiĐứcVinh,HuỳnhCôngTrứ, LêMạnhTrùy,MinhThao, PhạmAnhDũng,NguyễnTuấn.
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